Service Contract

This agreement is made effective as of OCTOBER 10TH 2022, by and between the clients, MICHAEL BRIAN ACOSTA “THE CLIENT” and PRIVATE VILLAGES SA DE CV “THE COMPANY”, represented by TIRSO CERVANTES HERNANDEZ.

PRIVATE VILLAGES SA DE CV, with the Mexican tax identification number of PVII 50506U24 declares that it has the legitimate possession, as lessee of HACIENDA Tamchen, in the municipality of Kinchil, Yucatan, Mexico.

THE CLIENT declares that he has the capacity to commit to the terms in this contract, that he knows the property, and is satisfied with the installations, for which he has requested the rental of the hacienda on FEBRUARY 9TH-1 I TH 2024 and to celebrate a special event on FEBRUARY 10TH 2024

All the terms of the contract are set out in this document, which will prevail over and supersede any other terms referred to in correspondence or elsewhere. No variation or waiver of any of the terms of this contract will be binding on THE COMPANY and THE CLIENT, unless it is made in writing and signed by both parties.

And with the present document, we make the contract for that which we establish as the bases for the temporary occupation of the hacienda, which will be formalized in the following clauses.


a. Name of the booking:

b. Stay Dates:

c. Event Date:

d. No. of rooms:

e. Rate:


FEBRUARY 9TH – 11TH 2024

FEBRUARY  10TH, 2024

4 ROOMS (Double occupancy)

$8,200 USD Tax Included


Set Up & Lodging
3 Course Dinner
Set Up from 8 am Check In at 3:00 pm
Event & Lodging
American Breakfast Lunch
Event Day
1 1 /02/24
American Breakfast
Teardown until 8 pm Check out at 2:00 pm

$8, 200 USD Tax Included. The rental includes:

The rental includes:

       i. 4 bedrooms in a double occupancy for two nights.

       ii. Meal plan as stated in section (Il). All meals are prepared exclusively for the people lodging at the Hacienda, additional meals can be prepared at an additional cost.

       iii. A host & Housekeeping Staff during the whole stay.

       iv. Wireless internet in common areas

       v. Taxes and service fee.

       vi. Use of the hacienda’s public areas and gardens for an event of a maximum of 250 guests

       vii. Bathroom amenities for guests (water, light, soap, hand towels and cleaning staff are provided).

       viii. Internal lighting of the hacienda, that is already installed in gardens, pools & main house

       ix. Portable toilets for the external suppliers with access to the hacienda.

       x. Set-up day from 09/02/24 from 8:00 am until 8:00 pm.

       xi. The event on 10/02/24 can have a maximum finish time of 8 am on the next day.

       xii. Teardown day, 11/02/24 until 8:00 pm.

The rental does not include:

       i. Fee, documents and registration of the event at the Government of Yucatan website.

       ii. External power plant, mandatory for any additional lighting or sound the days of set-up, event and dismantling.

       iii. Any other services such as: valet parking, music, catering, entertainment, security staff, among others.

       iv. Guests bathroom rental suggested for events of more than 50 guests.

       v. Cleaning after the event. All suppliers must pick up their trash and clean the premises used to operate the event.

       vi. Tips for the staff.

Optional/ Additional services:

       i. Additional day of setup and/or teardown $500.00 USD tax included (Subject to availability).

       ii. If you require an external banqueting service for an additional event in the hacienda, other than the event day, a $500 USD (tax included) fee will be charged.

       iii. Additional guest in the room $60.00 USD per night, with meals and taxes included. Additional child (0-12 years old) $30.00 USD per night, with meals and taxes included.

       iv. Additional night at the hacienda with 4 bedrooms $2,600 USD (tax included). This includes breakfast and an additional 3 course meal, rooms are calculated on double occupancy.

       v. Clients may provide us with a list of groceries they would like to receive upon arrival. We will charge the cost of the groceries plus a fee of $50 USD.

       vi.Additional meals:

       Dinner from $45 USD per adult and $30 USD per child.

       Lunch from $35 USD per adult and $25 USD per child.

       Breakfast from $30 USD per adult and $20 USD per child.


The client agrees to pay $8,200.00 USD (EIGHT THOUSAND, TWO HUNDRED US DOLLARS 00/100) taxes and service charge included, whose conditions are specified in (Ill) of this document. All deposits described below are non-transferable and non-refundable.

The client agrees to pay an initial deposit of 30% of the agreed upon price, calculated as $2,460.00 USD. This payment serves to hold the hacienda for the specified date, and must be done within the next ten days, otherwise the date will be released. With this deposit, THE COMPANY undertakes to block definitely the dates for the stay at the hacienda.

In order to maintain the conditions of the contract, THE COMPANY must receive the balance as follows:

1 20 days prior to the event          
$3,280 USD
40% of the total
45 days prior to the event
$2460 USD
30% of the total
30% of the total

If the client fails to pay in accordance with the agreed payment term without the written consent of THE COMPANY to modify the payment date, the contract will be terminated without further notice and the date of the event will be released. Previous payments will not be returned.

We accept credit card and wire transfers as form of payment. Payment must be transferred to the following bank accounts:


Bank: Banco Nacional de México SA

Bank Address: Sucursal 100 — Oficina Central Ciudad de México Isabel la Catolica 44. Col. Centro Historico.Del. Cuauhtemoc. Z.C. 06000, Mexico.

Account Beneficiary: Private Villages S.A. de C.V.

Company Address: C.64 #489 x 57 y 59 Centro. Mérida, Yucatån. México C.P. 97000.

Account in MXN

Account Number: 7009 539 4920 

CLABE: 0029 1070 0953 9492 08 


Account in USD

Account Number: 0082907 3587

CLABE: 0029 1000 8290 7358 77



In case the CLIENT is forced to move the date of the stay and the event, the following conditions will apply.

The first change will not have any additional cost. The CLIENT can move the date with no additional fees, as long as the new date does not exceed one year after the original event date.

The second change has a penalty of 10% of the value of the contract. The new date must not exceed the 18 months after the original date.

In order to change the date of the event, a written consent must be emailed by the person who signed the contract. The CLIENT must be up to date with the payments of the original contract to request a change of date, otherwise the change will not be made until the debt is paid.

In the case that THE CLIENT is required to change the location of the event, the following applies:

THE CLIENT can change the event to another venue within the following: Hacienda Tamchen, Hacienda Tekik De Regil, Hacienda San Pedro Ochil, Hacienda ltzincab de Cåmara.

This change of venue, will generate a penalty of 5% additional to the value of the original contract.

In order to change the venue of the event, a written consent must be emailed by the person who signed the contract. THE CLIENT must be up to date with the payments of the original contract to request a change of venue, and cover the advance payment of the new contract, otherwise the change of venue will not be made until the debt is paid.

In case of cancellation, all payments are non-refundable. The client must send a written consent where the motive of cancellation is mentioned.


       i. The office is open every day from 9. Am to 9 pm.

       ii. The Hacienda does not have restaurant service, al meals must be programmed in advance.        iii.    The Hacienda does not have room service, only in case of health and or special needs.

       iv. We have SPA and laundry services available under previous request.

       v. Wireless internet is available in the main house

      vi. The pools are open from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm, if you require to use the pools in extra hours please inform our staff.

       vii. The TV in the living room is to use exclusively with Blue Ray or DVD.

       viii.      We have a non-smoking policy in our rooms.



       i. Will follow the protocols and safety measures of the sanitary practices against COVID-19, in accordance to the document “Social Events Protocols”, established by the authorities of the state of Yucatan.

       ii.According to the established guidelines by THE COMPANY, it is mandatory that THE CLIENT hires medical services such as an ambulance and/or paramedics, to protect and keep the well being of the event attendees

       iii. Will not cede the rights derived from this contract to others under any circumstances.

       iv. Will send a rooming list with the names of the guests, the number of adults and minors who will stay in each room no less than 25 days before the arrival. All additional charges resulting from the number of guests must be covered before the arrival date.

       v.Agrees to return the property in the same conditions as it was rented and be responsible for any damage caused during the rental and will pay the charges to repair it.

       vi.Is aware that our maximum capacity for internal banqueting is 50 people vii.

       vii. Will provide a general schedule of areas to be used on the day of the event as well as a list of companies contracted to provide services for the event in order to maintain control over the access to the venue.

       viii.Is aware that the only adhesive material allowed on the walls/columns/doors is drafting tape which will not damage surfaces. No masking tape, duct tape, electrical tape, transparent tape or double stick tape is allowed. All other decoration must be freestanding. Nails and staples may not be used on the floors.

       ix.Is aware that alcohol may not be served to minors.

       x.Agrees that illegal substances including but not limited to controlled, dangerous, or illicit drugs; and weapons are not permitted in the venue. In the event of an action by the authorities related to the use, consumption, or distribution of illegal substances or articles, THE CLIENT agrees to accept all responsibility and will not involve the personnel of THE COMPANY, the installations of the Hacienda Tamchen, or any uninvolved third party.

       xi.And the suppliers contracted by THE CLIENT must provide all necessary personnel and sufficient equipment to complete their service. THE COMPANY will not loan equipment or any type of material and does not have personnel to perform these tasks.

       xii.Agrees to station a person at the hacienda to receive all of their providers and to supervise the work that they need to do.

       xiii.Is aware that the kitchen of the hacienda is for the exclusive use of the staff of the hacienda. xiv.

       xiv.Is aware Pets or other animals are not permitted on the property.

       xv.Is aware that with the exception of the day of the event, the client can no enter any other external caterer to the Hacienda, for providing a food or beverage service.

       xvi.And all of the suppliers contracted directly by THE CLIENT are obliged to follow these rules and policies. THE CLIENT bears the responsibility to share these rules and policies with each of the providers.


       i. A copy of a credit card along with a copy of the card holder’s identification will be placed on file to act as a damage deposit or as a backup for any additional services hired. If the property is found to be in the same condition as on rental, no charges will be made. If no additional services are hired, no charges will be made.

       ii. THE COMPANY does not provide security in the meeting and function space and all personal property left in the meeting or function space is at the sole risk of the owner. The client agrees to advise its attendees that they are responsible for safekeeping of their personal property.

       iii. The CLIENT cannot hold THE COMPANY, its staff and volunteers, liable from suit, actions, damages, and expenses in connection with personal injury, illness, or property damage or theft resulting from the use of any facility at the hacienda.

       iv. THE COMANY is not responsible for any injury, illness, loss, damage, expense, negligence, cost or other claim which results from the behavior, actions or lack of actions of the companies contracted to provide services for the event by THE CLIENT.

       v. The performance of this Agreement by either party is subject to acts of God, government authority, disaster, or other emergencies, any of which make it illegal or impossible to provide the facilities and/or services for your meeting. It is provided that this Agreement may be terminated for any one or more of such reasons by written notice from one party to the other without liability. Last minute cancellations of outdoor site due to inclement weather will not be considered for refunds.


This contract contains the total agreement of both parts and supersedes any other prior verbal or written contract. Once this contract has been accepted by both parts, the completion is obligatory and enforced and may not be modified without the written consent of both parts.

Neither this contract no any of its clauses may be signed by only one of the parts with the exception of a change in the owners or administrators of the Hacienda. In that case, the contract may be signed and assumed by the new owners or administrators.

Having reviewed Clauses 1-6, we request that you sign in the space provided below to signal your agreement.


This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Political Constitution of the Mexico Government and the

Yucatan State Government.



calle 64 No. 489

Colonia Centro, CP 97000

Mérida, Yucatán, México



Passport 506989627